Facts Site 1.0

Facts Site 1.0: A facts site script with around 4000 facts in it to start your own facts site in facts site script with around 4000 facts in it to start your own facts site instantly. Features: Categorized Facts - Add, Edit Functions - New Categories - Rate - Offer Reviews - Asking Price - Simple Yet Powerful Admin Panel. Has a backend Admin Panel: Add Facts - Edit Facts - Delete Facts - Edit Registrar - Add Asking Prices for Facts - View Offers - Add Categories - Edit Categories - Delete Categories - Change Password - Move Facts from one category

Food Nutrition Facts Vista Gadget 1.0.0: A simple windows vista gadget to check food nutrition facts on your desktop.
Food Nutrition Facts Vista Gadget 1.0.0

It doesn`t get any simpler than this: You want to count calories? Just look at your computer screen. has created the best way to view nutrition facts on your computer. Introducing the Food Nutrition Facts Gadget for Windows Vista. You will be amazed. Enjoy the simplicity of viewing nutrition facts without all the hassle and clutter of advertisements plastered all over web pages. Download the Food Nutrition Facts Gadget now.

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UberSmart Math Facts 2.4.2: Ensures your child is on a firm foundation in math by mastering the math facts
UberSmart Math Facts 2.4.2

facts quickly, easily, and thoroughly? I mean really learn the math facts. A program that your child will enjoy using, requires little supervision, and yet is very effective? That is precisely what UberSmart Math Facts is. Gone are the days when you have to sit with your son and help him learn the addition facts with flash cards. You no longer need to make your daughter fill out yet another multiplication table. This software does the teaching for

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FACTS EASILY AND FAST. MULTIMONSTER is a new and innovative yet simple software designed to help children memorize multiplication facts. Think of the time when you were a kid in elementary school. What was the most difficult thing that you had to learn? The multiplication facts! There are two things that all kids hate. One is the visit to the dentist. And the other one is learning multiplication facts. If you have a kid who is in elementary school

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Civil War Quotes, Notes, and Facts 1.0: Quotes, notes, and facts of the Civil War. Text-To-Speech, this software talks.
Civil War Quotes, Notes, and Facts 1.0

Full of quotes, notes, and facts of the Civil War. Has Text-To-Speech technology, this software talks and will read the Civil War information to you in a human-sounding computer generated voice. Learn about the Civil War. View Civil War pictures. Has three entire books about the Civil War. Easily transfer the Civil War information to documents in other software. You can read, listen to, or print out the Civil War quotes, notes, facts, and books.

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MM3-TeachingMachine - Vocabulary Builder 2013: Study with your mobile and own lessons, when and where you always would like.
MM3-TeachingMachine - Vocabulary Builder 2013

facts permanently into your long-term memory. You can fully concentrate on studying. No inputs are necessary before you start memorizing new words. This restricted input option is optimal for the small displays of smartphones. :: How it works :: Learning consists for the most part of memorizing facts. The facts must be repeated regularly. For an effective repetition flashcards have been used for a long time. Flashcards as a vocabulary trainer are

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Basic Facts Bingo 1.0.4107

Make learning and reviewing the basic arithmetic facts and operations an enjoyable task and an effective learning experience with Basic Facts Bingo. Easily generate random bingo cards with basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division questions. The built-in random generator ensures that every bingo card is different. The cards are printed on sheets with as many as nine bingo cards to a sheet.

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